An Unique Problems With Back Workout

Friends, I have been overweight for some years now. I hate living this life as a overweight person and sometimes being center of the jokes. There are no miraculous options that can change the situation. So, I started to workout. I read a lot about the workout that I need to do to shed the excess fat off my body. I found out that strength training is highly effective in the matter.

So, I consulted with a physical instructor and started my workout with the best blend of cardio and strength training. Interestingly, it I have lost some pounds off my body and I feel good about it. Though it is not from the places that I wanted, but still, it is better to start from somewhere.

Now, speaking about the problem that I want to talk about is somewhat hilarious. I have heard a number of people face so many problems while working out. I have read a lot about them. Interestingly, my problem was completely different. My belly was coming in my way. My physical instructor told me to have a complete body strength training routine. That way I can boost my metabolism and have a proper physical appearance.

Hence, I started to workout. When it came to my back workout day, I observed that I had to lean down and squeeze my back with dumbbells. Practically what happened is that my belly came in my way and stopped me from leaning enough to squeeze my back. It made me laugh and hate my body at the same time. I hope that I can change the situation soon. I know, it is very hard to lose the belly fat, but I have to keep on my dedication and hopefully one day I will have a leaner self and may be some abs, why not wish for more?