Florida more than a Tourist Trap

Florida is a pretty state, that’s most popular with tourists.

It has high temperatures in the summer and very mild to hot winters. It has alligators and all manors of wildlife. Traffic is heavy and it stays very busy no matter what season. First, visit as a tourist, but stay as a resident.

Florida has something to offer to every type of person.

Some enjoy the wildlife, while some, enjoy the nightlife. Friendly people are all I have met there. Some enjoy the heat and amount of things to do.

Picture of the marshy lake.
It is a peninsula and surrounded by the ocean on 3 sides, making it subject to harsh hurricanes.

There is a lot of jobs for any skill set. Rentals in Florida can be found on an affordable budget. You may even decide to buy a house there somewhere. The folks that live and work there have done so despite the chance of hurricanes.

You won’t be sorry you spent time in Florida and you will wish to call it home.

Many people already live and work there. The Palm trees and Orange Groves are very beautiful to see. Working and playing in such beautiful surroundings will make you happy to wake up in the mornings. Contrary to popular belief you don’t see alligators much as I’ve looked for one both times I’ve visited.

Beaches are a popular hangout and many enjoy boating in the ocean, and river, and lakes. You can soak up some sun, shop, dine out, go dancing, or get back to nature all in one state.