A Love worth Giving

If this world would be more loving than hating each other it be a world without chaos. Although I total completely understand that God created all human being with their own characteristic’s and own personality but still with free will but still and all it could be a better place to live in if we all just get along.

I don’t see that happening no time soon. Have people in this world that throws fussy fits because they did not get their own way. People who are greedy mongers, selfish, self centered and even people who holds grudges and lives with envy and also with angry issues.

I heard a health news back a few weeks ago that UN-forgiveness causes lot of health issues.  Not gone to even sit here to say I am not guilty of not forgiving people because I struggle with that too. I let go and eventually when I am calm down I pray and ask God to give me the strength to forgive those who have hurt me and ask for forgiveness too for the people hurt either with a harsh words or with actions.

Husband says “Kill with Kindness” I find this to be very good advice. When someone is being mean and hateful and hurtful to you strike back showing kindness in return. Oh, they may look at you like your nuts or not all there but have to think in a positive way returning your actions with kindness may help change the person to look at the situation in whole different approach. Golden Rule is to “Love One Another” as God loves us. We love because God first loved us. John 3:16

Angry, Revenge and enviousness just leads into other problems. Health issues, riots, drags one down to that dark path of destruction. Devil ends up winning, remember the devil is a coward, a liar, deceiver, he has no concern nor does he care about one soul where they will spend eternity. If we open the door and surrender to God and give Him the legal right to intervene in life affairs, struggles, God blesses us richly and defends us against destruction whatever the devil may bring in our lives to pull us down.

When we act on reading the word of God, it pushes the Old Devil back into a corner and he has failed. Whenever we established a covenant with God, whatever power the old devil thought he had on us will be broken. Oh, you can be assure the devil will tempt us to fall in short of the glory of God, we have special privileges that God guaranteed to all those who lives according to His Will and living obedient life.

Don’t let the devil tread on because he is nothing but a God of darkness that will lead one down the wrong path the path of darkness. Keep the light on! Walk in the light God will see that he will make your walk in Victory! Keep studying, Keep learning, Be faithful in studying the scriptures and applying the scriptures to your every day life. You will come out the winner being Victories.