Finches , lizards and the mouse….

They were a gift for me  when i celebrated my birthday few months ago and complete with  bird house. I love to hear them chirp because the sound is quite different among the birds i knew and seemed loud and inappropriate for their size. At first i placed them on a table near the living room so hat i can see and greet them each morning after waking up . What i adore most from these finches are when they make chirping sounds as if they are needing something  and also when i begin to imitate their chirps , they will turn back the sound as if we have a conversation.

I was told to put grass so that they will make nest and lay eggs, and it is true. After just few days, i am seeing  an egg or two inside their birdhouse .  And feels so excited every time to see the eggs hatch if not only because of those  once my friends now  turn enemies – lizards.   Lizards are also present in our home and i want to see them crawling on our walls and ceiling and make unusual sound like  they are giving warning.   I also like to see lizards at home but now not anymore just because they always eat the finches eggs.  Once i saw them  crawling and getting near the birdhouse  and trying to steal the eggs.   Not only once or twice they have taken the egg , but many times.  If only those eggs were hatched, then i have plenty of finches by this time.  And there was a time when  one egg was hatched and i am so enjoyed watching the baby bird   and waited till it will be full grown.  But again, i cannot tell if those lizards were the culprit or  that old time enemy – the mouse.

Now i have two enemies at home, the lizards and the mouse. I can seldom see the mouse maybe because , it love to take the hatched egg than the egg which is lizards favorite .  Still i do not know what to do to get rid of my enemies,  If the finches  laid eggs, the lizards will eat, when it is luckily hatched, the mouse will take.  So what will i do with my friends and enemies?