Exercise and mental health

Hello guys,

I have not written anything for so long. Today I decided that I should start jotting down some words. Afterall, writing something every day is better than nothing. Am I right? I have never had the habit of writing a daily diary, especially after what my secondary school teacher literally forced us to write so that she could read them every week. After a while, all the students started to write bullsh*t things in their diary.

Anyway, the past month has not been a good one for me. Autumn (and winter) is kicking in. I am living up North so things are a little extra tough here. First it rains. Oh the rain… It made me depressed for half a month. I remember myself lying in my bed for half of the day even when I was awake because literally I could not see myself doing or seeing anything colorful or lively out there or in my life. And then when the rain stopped, the wind and dry cold came. I cannot bike without the feeling that my hands are freezing, and whenever I climb up hill with my bike I begin to find it hard to breathe.

So, what do I mean by ‘exercise and mental health’? Last week, I decided to change to boring daily routine by applying to volunteer for the Student Union. At the end, we will get paid something, just not much. But again, I would rather get paid something than nothing, especially when I am not employed. My work is mostly physical. I take my bike everywhere to distribute posters. For the past 3 days, I have been biking around 4 hours every day. The first day was tough, the second was better, and the third was a breeze. I experience sore legs every day but it disappears after a long night of sleep.

Mentally speaking, I feel wonderful being able to exercise that much. I have been feeling extra positive for the past 3 days. Exercise is one the best remedies for mental health they say!