Money as a Tool

Money is a tool but it cannot solve problems. It can buy our wants and needs in life but can’t buy the happiness that we are longing for. We can buy flowers and chocolates for our lovers but we cannot find love. We can buy mats, good and soft beds and even soft pillows but we cannot buy sleep. We can buy some people to be with us but not forever and we cannot find peace.

Money is just a decoration in our life. It can answer some few problems but not all. Still in our lowest condition we can feel there is lacking. Some rich people cannot even sleep well because they have the fear of their wealth compare to those who are living in poverty. Those people who are lacking of money, they are sometimes become dreamers and use to do some thing that uplift their lives but still the happiness they are longing is out of reach.

I remember a story about a Filipina woman who married the Prince of Brunei. She became instant billionaire but that was the biggest mistakes that she made. She said that she became the loneliest woman in the world. Yes, she has so much money. If she asked her husband that she will buy a magazine, the two escorts accompanied her to the store to buy with 2 attache case of money. She can buy anything but she can’t have that happiness that she thought can get from marrying the richest man.

So, she asked for a divorce and she came back to the Philippines. She met a dancer and they were married. Now they are working hard for their life but she said, she is the happiest woman in the world with her husband beside her and their children.

It’s not the money that make us happy. It’s how we deal in life. It’s how life goes with us. Another thing, if we have faith in God, we are the happiest human being in the whole universe because we knew our purpose and everything that we do, we know our goal in life.