Easy Car Maintenance Tips

A vehicle is a major investment. Even beyond the initial cost of a car are insurance costs, general upkeep, and sometimes costs associated with major maintenance. It can often be helpful to take smaller steps along the way to keep a car in good condition. Check out these easy car maintenance tips before it’s time for an auto body shop Denver CO.

Filters and Fluids

Car troubles caused by air filters are sneaky, and all too common. When air filters are not regularly cleaned, buildup can cause problems in the engine, specifically, as dirt and debris can block important airways for an engine. When this occurs, an engine might start making unusual noises, smell strange, or smoke and combust in a worst-case scenario.

Similarly, fluids should be regularly checked for best performance. When transmission fluids are low, for example, the car might have trouble shifting gears or even shift in and out of gear while in motion. Planning to monitor and replace fluids as early as possible helps to prevent these kinds of larger issues.


A car’s battery is critical: its function is to supply the starter, which is how the engine itself starts. When a battery is not performing, a car might not start at all. Checking the voltage of the battery every now and then is the best way to monitor performance. It is better to confirm a battery’s performance before any problems can occur or leave a driver stranded.

Tires and Wipers

Rotating tires, often an overlooked step, can be extremely helpful in increasing longevity of tires. As all tires don’t wear at the same rate, switching the front and back tires distributes that wear more equally. Another very quick and inexpensive fix lies with the wipers. Older wipers can scratch or damage a windshield, and a windshield replacement is much more expensive. Prevent such troubles by keeping wipers in great shape.