Being Safe When Setting Up For Road Construction

Road construction is a necessity to keep us going with little damage to our vehicles. When the time comes, things need to happen to ensure the safety of the workers. Here’s a few steps to follow to prepare a road for repair.

Make a Plan

Before you start construction, you need to think out how traffic will flow to keep the site safe. You will want to arrange for regulatory signs, orange cones and barrels, and light up LED signs to direct cars safely past the workers. You also must arrange for entry and exit points for heavy machinery so everything flows smoothly.

Keep It Behind the Line

Once your construction zone is ready, you need to set up work areas behind barriers. This will keep your site organized and prevent any confusion when it comes to unloading and using materials. You should especially set aside a place for employees to travel on foot so that trucks are kept from that area. You can use excess cones and barrels for this.

Keep Safety a Priority

While on the job site, safety should be a paramount concern. Be certain that employees are always wearing equipment to protect them whether it is a reflective vest, correct footwear or head wear, or noise cancelling ear protection. Conduct regular safety meetings to go over any topics that might be relative on that day. When walking at the edge of the site, always face towards oncoming cars and be focused in case one might stray into the site. Always be aware of the heavy machinery operating in the area. If you drive a truck, recheck all your blind spots before you proceed to ensure that all people around you are safe and clear of your vehicle. Having a supervisor on site who specializes in OSHA regulations to watch over the project is advisable.