Drone technology is simply awesome.

Drone technology

Technology has for a long time being continuously improved in order to make the impossible dreams possible. The main factors that have steered advancements in technology on a steady nonstop pace are the need to improve military competence. This is in protecting the homeland as well as its people from foreign threats. Also, to improve surveillance within the country specifically in the cities and streets. Gangs can be effectually monitored and located by use of drones that hang around undetected. Therefore the police can see their hideouts and properly plan for the best time to capture them. Drones have proved to be good tools in the military. Herein, drones can be equipped with warheads which can be useful in executing attacks on battle fronts. Drones are recommended when manned aircraft can’t travel in adverse weather conditions such as thunderstorms.

Arduino programming.

I am particularly interested in learning more about drones also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. This particular technology is good for enabling a software programmer or someone who has partaken computer science course to like and enjoy programming. For instance, most programming languages are hard to understand and particularly uninteresting. This is because they require long hours of study and dedication in order to successfully create something that is executing correctly. Example of such programming languages is Assembly language and Java. However, drone programming language which is Arduino, is relatively easy to learn and understand.

Practicality of arduino

Additionally, it incorporates lots of practical work which is also simple to comprehend. I have personally started on learning this particular language. I can bear witness that it is exceedingly easy and motivational. At first I hated programming in general after taking java and assembly language courses but after doing some introductory exercises on Arduino, I am very happy with the field of programming. It has made me to be more interested in handling other programming languages with more confidence than before.