5 Types of Warehouse Automation Technology

Warehouse automation has made operations in companies and warehouses easy, which in return has increased efficiency. For instance, the print and apply system has made the labeling of packages easy, accurate, and fast. Among the various technologies used in warehouse automation, here are some of them discussed below.

Goods-to-Person (GTP)

This is among the popular methods used to increase efficiency and minimize congestion. It includes using cranes or vehicles, traveling in the warehouse, and picking up items. This category consists of carousels, conveyors, and vertical lift systems. When applied well, it can even triple the speed of picking up objects in a warehouse.

Voice Picking and Voice Tasking

This technology has revolutionized order picking in a warehouse. Voice picking uses software that recognizes speech and directs a worker to where to pick and store products through a headset. Therefore, this method eliminates handheld devices, allowing workers to focus on a task, which enhances safety and efficiency.

Pick-to-Light Systems

This type of warehouse technology uses a scanning device on barcodes synched to LED lights that direct workers to where they can pick up items. In return, it reduces the time one spends looking for an item, therefore increasing productivity and minimizing room for error.

Automates Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

AS/RS uses equipment such as tote shuttles, vehicles for carrying materials, and mini loaders to store or retrieve products. This method is effective in large warehouses with space constraints. These systems can keep and retrieve products in areas where it would be hard for humans to do so.

Sortation Systems

This process includes identifying products on a conveyor system and directing them to a warehouse location through radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, barcodes, and sensors. Sortation systems come in handy in order fulfillment by receiving orders, picking, packing, and finally shipping.

All these types of warehouse automation technologies make warehouse operations flow smoothly. When choosing one for your company, research it, ensuring it is what your company needs.