Say yes to Yoga

Nowadays life became so easy because of technology and gadgets. It is also true that technology made us lazy and laziness is mother of obesity and heart diseases. ┬áNowadays most of people don’t even go out for shopping because they can order anything which they want on online stores. I can say this with confidence because i do it too. We are almost forgetting that technology can be harmful for us if we will be totally dependent on it. Most of us enjoying these luxuries and forgetting about needs of our body. We have rights to enjoy luxuries but we shouldn’t forget that if we will not live healthy life, we won’t live enough to enjoy these luxuries.

So what should we do to keep our body fit and healthy without spending a penny? The answer is Yoga. I know that everyone can’t join Yoga program or afford extra money for a yoga teacher. Here comes the role of technology, almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays and there are thousands of apps available on appstores which will guide you how to practice yoga perfectly. There are many videos available on different sites which can help a person to learn Yoga asanas free of cost.

Yoga is a beautiful exercise for body, mind and soul. My experience says that Yoga can change your way of thinking. It will make you free of negative thoughts. You will feel alive. For past 2 years i am practicing yoga and now i can see changes in myself. I never fall sick. I don’t remember when i last took any medicine. I remember that i used to fall sick so often when i was a child because my immune system was too weak. I was alive because of medicines. Cold and flu were like my best friends but now i am happy that i don’t have such health issues. Yoga gave strength to my immune system and a healthy immune system is your best protection. I advise everyone that they should practice yoga if they want stress free and disease free life.

Photo credit : Pixabay