All Fools Day

April Fools or All Fools day do you keep it?

Do you observe All Fools or other wise known as  April Fools Day?

We  don’t really observe this day  in our family, though some in my daughter’s  family do, her husband does and it annoys  her greatly and his kids. last year they played a lot of gotcha water faucet pranks,  to where the kitchen and bathroom was 2 inches deep in water.   It ended with daughter putting her foot down and making them clean up.   Some of the grand kids love it though.

My husband is a substitute school teacher so I cautioned him to beware of kids at school today out to pull pranks and gags today as he is teaching High schooler’s today.  Do you prank others and pull gags, are you one that gets caught in a prank or is is just another day for you.     Do you go all out and plan pranks on your family, friends, and co-workers or neighbors.   Or do you treat it like any other day?

If you keep it what are some of the pranks best played on you or you played on others?    Have you played pranks and no one figured out it was you that did them”

I had a son once who taped a photo of a monkey and two children a black girl and white girl jumping into a river when he was in high school.   He aimed it at a girl who had harassed him a lot and even broke his glasses.

All Fools Day
April Fool

They never did figure out it was him that did it.   His nickname was mouse as he was so quiet and sneaky.    They did  not know until years later he did the prank when he took the girl on a date when they went to the same college where they laughed about it then.