Acrostic Poems and Different Ways to Write Them

An acrostic poem is created by writing a word vertically, and then writing, not necessarily rhymed, about the vertically-written word (at least, traditionally)  for example:


Open the door,

Chilly winds blow;

The sky grows darker earlier.

Over the breeze comes the smell of spice.

Bundling up in sweaters to keep off the chill;

Every leaf is a different color.

Remembering Autumns past.

© Stacey Uffelman  10/19/15


I tend to have a less traditional take on acrostics.  I will write out a word or phrase vertically, and then write whatever comes to mind as I go down the letters.

Oh, Lord,

Come what may, help me to remember

To place You

Over all else,

Because only You can give someone

Everlasting life in Heaven, and

Remove the guilt of past sin.

© Stacey Uffelman  10/19/15


A third way that an acrostic can be written is by using each letter of the word or phrase that is written vertically as the beginning of an entire stanza.

Oh Lord, come what may

whether it be good or bad,

I still give You thanks.


Cause You have never

failed me or forsaken me

whatever has come.


The storms, they can rage

always You have kept me safe

and free from all harm.


Over the rough seas

You have directed my bark

all the way to shore.


Beaten down?  Maybe;

but with You, I’m never out

You give victory.


Enemies may try

the very worst that they can

but they will not win.


Ruler of all things?

That is You and You alone;

my Lord and my strength.

©Stacey Uffelman 10-19-15


That last one was written both with the first letter of the word beginning each stanza, as well as “disregarding” the rest of the poem being about the vertically written word.  If an acrostic is done the last way, the poet can certainly stick to writing about the vertically written word — or not. 😉

And there, you have a couple of different ways to write what is known as an “acrostic” poem.   Go ahead and give one of the ways a try–you may very well find it a fun challenge to try all of them !