When believe become futile

Time has passed since this bored mind of mine find its way back to usual favorite pastime… writing.  Considering the fact that this thing has been putting me to waste my precious time for whenever feeling already persuaded ,  then time will surely not  be of importance.

As i checked my previous submitted files, reading and interpreting  every word and phrase made my unproductive brain start believing  i can actually write good articles if can devote more quality time to offer for this love of mine.  Right,  the appropriate word is believing .. anybody must believe what one can do.  Only if believing will be acquainted with action or else everything turns out to be futile. The same goes with acting on it without thinking if can do it .

This is always the condition  that serves as a barrier in one very important aspect  of anyone’s life. One hundred percent belief but zero action is a sure zero result. Sometimes the power of ” I can ” is far more better than “I believe”.. but  the combination of these two works great.  That is why when one say, I believe .. must not stop on that phrase. but start acting on what you  believe .. act on it.

Have you tried pacifying someone in trouble or grieving , you  consoled the most comforting words and advises to ease and release the pain.  If that someone believed can overcome the loneliness but continue to  lament, then what is there to believe?

This is also true to what i am figuring out here, I can never succeed in writing good articles if i will not start working on it.   I can write a million thousand words of non sense talking  unable to check if i can receive feedback and comments or at least something to read and be please if i only believe i can write but cannot connect.

In anyway, i am now starting to return to my senses and begin reading articles wherein i can connect and contribute what made me like what i read.  And start believing i can and we all can if we try.