Differences being called a Dad from Being called a Father

Any male person can become a father. I define a father of being a man who may donate his sperm to an organ bank to create a life and he may think he has done his fatherly duties. Being a father that has no responsibilities that follows creating a life.

Father: a male who creates a life and walks away from his responsibilities.  A father can be describe as with many definition. In light of my own experiences, my own father was married to my mother and there for his children but not there when the tough got tough.

Dad: Dedication, awareness, duties.  Defining the meaning of Dad, a male who someone who believes that he has to do whatever it takes in means to support his family. Rather it is working at Burger King, McDonald’s, flipping burgers,  or any other fast food services, delivering newspapers, pizza’s, dinners, factory work carpenter work, welder, farmer, or any above.

A dad may have to take a low paid job so support his family. Maybe it is not the job he desires to be and hates his job but he sacrifices and puts all his feelings aside to be able to bring home a pay check to put clothes on their children’s back, a roof over his families heads, food in their stomach’s, to pay the bills. It may not be a sit down at a desk job or a nine to five job or a job where it is require to wear a suit and neck tie.

Dad is a male person one who teaches their children values of making a dollar from hard work, not just because he is looking for help or a hand-out. Being a dad to his children he realizes his responsibilities to be a good role model in their children’s life’s, to teach his children to learn to be more productive citizens and for a dad to be able to make this happen at times he can’t always be a friend.

A dad teaches their children from what is right, from what is wrong. No matter what age their children are, or where they are or what they may be doing. Dad prepares his children to whenever they are ready to walk out to the world to discover on their own they know how to handle life world situations. Dad sets the bar to let go so whenever their children are ready to walk out to the world that they be prepared before hand how to handle themselves.

The man who gave me life was more of a “Father” to me than I would consider a dad. I don’t look up to my Father as a good productive role model. Growing up in the household of my parents I have witness at a very young age of all chaos that surrounded me. I can remember many of times my father being running around on my mom and the sad part was he dragged my baby sister and I along with him and pulled u sin to his web of cheating sins. He would asked us to lie to our mom if she happens to ask where he was? why it taken so long?

My father had a serious gambling problem. Practically every weekend he would drag my baby sister and I to the horse races and when we arrived to the races he left us unattended so he can concentrate on picking the horses. Sometimes he would win, sometimes he lost but when he won big money he did buy our love. I would explain it more that he was buying us to keep silent for us to not and go be tattling on him if mom would ask us questions of whereabouts and who he was with. My baby sister now adult thought this was a normal child upbringing but as I became an Adult when I look back now to those times of our child years and our youth I see it as not a normal or healthy relationship with our father. In my baby sister’s eyes she looks at our father as a hero.

Was he Hero? Was he a good role model? Did he take his father duties responsibilities series? Well my answers would be no. He had done more damage to our self-esteem and upbringing then he done good. “Oh, he was all good in helping others if people became homeless, needed food, or other help in any other means but when it came his daughters he made me feel unwanted, another mouth to feed, the names he called me knocked down my self-esteem so low and I am here today trying to reprogram my mind and thoughts of the damage he done.

Now understand I love my father, and I have been there for him up to he passed away at the age of seventeen years old I would of been. Even when he passed away, he left my baby sister and I out in the cold. I ended up living homeless for over a year and the baby sister and I were separated. The baby sister had to go and live with the oldest sibling with our mom because she was only fourteen the time our father passed away. Oldest sister collected our father’s social security on the both of us up to we turned eighteen.

No, I wouldn’t say, the man who donated his sperm to created me and gave me life was a dad. He has not taught me any values or morals and given me support. He was not a man who was easy to go to if I had a problem I was struggling with or someone just to sit down and have a father and daughter chat with.  He done a lot of emotional, mentally, damaged to where he is gone now and I am left to pick up the pieces of the damage he has done to my baby sister and I. He is not a man I would consider to say that played a positive role model in life. He was not a dad, He was a Father.

Even so, he has not been there for me or supported me, or ever heard him say, “I love You” I still love my father regardless, He is the man who gave me life, and if he didn’t give me life I would never have met my wonderful husband or even had the opportunity to be a mother myself or a grandmother. Although he was the man he was and the choices he made I try not to follow in my father’s footsteps because I feel the chains needs to be broken. He wasn’t a Father who could love me, I have a Heavenly Father, a dad, who loves me unconditionally. I am blessed.

He may be my earthy Father, but a father he was but wouldn’t say he was a dad. Dad-dedication, awareness, responsible for his dad duties.