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American people wonders “WHY?”

Wander Why? our world is in the shape it is. Wake up America! Majority of the population of the world are yet wearing blinders and don’t see the truth. Man will destroy what they have build because people in higher up wants to change God’s laws to not satisfied God but to satisfied their own needs.

I can remember back in the time of my youth when I attended school the first thing we did when the bell rang and went to into our classes the teacher had the class stand to pledge allegiance to the American Flag. Our teacher would asked the her class to bow their heads and pray.

It took one women who was a made a big old fuss about children and the school praying before class started.  My opinion, I don’t believe that having prayer before class done no harm, If anything it more encourage teachers, principle and the students.  The name of the woman had played a role in 1963 in the Supreme Court decision in Murray V. Curlette combined with Abington V. Schempp that ended school prayer in the public schools across the whole nation of United States of America.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair end results ended up to be a woman who was self described as mark as the most hated woman in United States of America. When the decision was made to remove prayer at of the public schools to my understanding through my own research she had done more harm to the public schools then she did good. Across the news I have heard about more school shootings then when I attended school. There is more violence in our schools today all across the nation of United States of America.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair name is well know in the United States from many Americans. I have watched a documentary of   Madalyn Murray O’Hair and according to the documentary she was a very mean and hateful person and had one son who also was raised by her as a Atheist. Years later, her son walked away from his atheist believes of what his mother taught him and made to believe and became a Christian.  When Madalyn Murray O’Hair received wind of the news she turned her back on her son and shunned him.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair was married to Richard O’Hair. I don’t believe it has mentioned or not that Richard O’Hair was also atheist. In the year of 1965, Mrs. Madalyn Murray O’Hair mysteries disappeared which decades later her grizzly murder who was a former employee of Mrs. Madalyn Murray O’Hair. Oh, I found myself which I try to catch myself complaining of the things happening in our world today.  Christian’s need to stand strong with each other and on their knees praying for God to restore our Nation.

The problem of America today to what I hear and listen from people who I have asked, that their is way to many religions and not enough structure. Real true believers do not judge or treat people like dirt if they believe in the true God of our Creator, God of our universe. It all started back to the Tower of Bethel. God had his own reason why all that happen if though we don’t understand it.   If people are gone to complain and do the talk than they also ought to do the walk. This is our great country that God has created, not man’s. Man forgets but also remember that God gave human beings a “free Will” to choose.

Bible says, man will destroy what they have build.

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