Denied Visa!

Have you tried to apply a Tourist Visa? Or are you planning to apply one?

I am a kind of person who love to travel to explore different places, if given a chance,  around the world. My husband ad I planned to visit North America. We started the process by applying a temporary resident visa or what is commonly called as tourist visa. We are really eager to visit the country and we planned to visit early this month. However, that eagerness turned into a desperation.

We took the service of a consultant because we thought that this consultant will help us to check our papers but sadly, he never do his job.  He asks us 16,000 pesos. He told us to pay a fifty percent down payment before he give us the list of requirements and the remaining amount will be paid upon submission of all the documents.

Because we thought that taking his service is a good idea since we can’t afford to commit any mistakes. We want to have someone to counter check our documents.  Therefore, we paid the amount he asked.

We complied the requirements and give it to him 5 days after our first meeting. We are very shocked when he never read the contents of our Letter of intent thoroughly. He just took the documents and told me to sign the letter of application that he said it was already encoded in the embassy’s website. He put all the documents inside the envelope and ask us the remaining 50% as a full payment. Oh, that is not the service that we are expecting. We expect that he will check our documents and will give us the best suggestions but we just got disappointed. We paid him 16,000 pesos for a list of requirements!

Two weeks after, he called us that he just receive the package from the embassy. The revelation was a big disappointment to us!

What should we do?