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Annoying Things at Home and At Work

Annoying things. Yes, there are a lot of annoying things all around us. Whether we admit it or not, they do sometimes test our limits and patience

All of us have something that annoys us whether big or small. Here is my list:

At Home:

  1. When my kids fight over little things everyday in my waking life
  2. When I come home and the living area is a total mess up
  3. Kids need to be called 20 times before they can hear me
  4. When I feel like I have to record all the things that I keep on telling my kids to avoid repeating myself… over and over
  5. The plates on the sink unwashed!
  6. Kids’ room look like a garbage pit
  7. Looking around the house and cannot wait to see it is  fully finished
  8. When we do vacations with entourage (cousins, in laws, friends. We never had an exclusive family vacation yet)
  9. When house work takes a toll on me and no one seems to see how dead tired I am
  10. When kids watch television (even eat) in the master’s bedroom and hubby thinks it is just fine

AT Work:

  1. I am in the middle of something and someone comes along with nothing to do and disturbs me with never-ending stories
  2. When senior colleagues ask a favour on something they cannot do when in fact they are in higher positions with higher remuneration
  3. When my things are borrowed and you have to fetch it back.
  4. Co-workers who always talk and back stab co-workers
  5. Negative people as I arrive in the morning sharing personal dramas and issue about almost everything and everyone.
  6. Super late memorandum and you are asked to rush every thing
  7. Favoritism and politics that become part of the system
  8. Food in the canteen
  9. Noisy co-workers who have all the time in the world to talk about other people’s lives
  10. Unreasonable rushing of work

Care to share yours?