Can You “Love Thy Enemy”?

It is human nature to retaliate.  When you get pushed you push back.  And oftentimes we push back harder.  I know this for a fact because I have been pushed and shoved many time.  And guess what I push back and shove back harder.  And the harder I push and shove, fewer people try to push me.  Think of it as survival of the fittest.  But when I push back harder, the more alone I become.  Sure I do not find myself as a target but I am also alone.  People tend to fear me more than be friends with me.  But can we really love our enemies?

It is a difficult decision to change a paradigm that has kept me safe.  But there is more to life than pushing back.  With our own strength and wisdom, loving your enemy is impossible and illogical. But when you put your trust in a higher power, everything is an arms length away.  Even the impossible is achievable.

Of course you just don’t stand idly while others treat you as a doormat.  Neither should you allow others to treat you without respect.  Loving your enemy does not mean you become permissive of any wrong doing towards you.  Rather, help them to understand the wrong that they are doing.  Make hem realize the mistake of their actions.  And in many instances pray for them.

forgiveness is a key in loving your enemy.  And it is not something we dish out readily.  Loving your enemy is impossible without the right mindset and without the right spirit.

I have yet to develop his.  And I am far from my goal.  But the most  important part is accepting that I want to love my enemy.  It is a challenge.  But now that I have the right faith there is a chance that I will love my enemy.

As a Christian I have to change a lot of my views and behaviors.  But when the Lord is the one guiding me, I am pretty sure I will succeed.  Perhaps it will take some work and practice.  After all, I am a work in progress.