bus ride

Bus train time table is important

Right on the noggin bus!

And so the race is on. The bus will soon be gone. It waits for passengers. The driver glances at his watch. His departure will coincide with the start of the Daily Mail Passenger train.

The vegetable vendor is trying to convince the conductor that the bundle he is carrying should be part of his personal baggage. He did not want to pay luggage charge. He is eyeing the door petulantly lest he is booted off the bus.

Two teenage girls were giggling over the latest icons they could post on their messages. The guys who make these icons are plastering them all over the internet.

Race past the train

The bus trundles along and makes it past the railway crossing before the train comes there. However, the train will pass it before the hour passes. Then in the final part of the journey, it makes up time by cutting across the plain. It is a daily dash of excitement for the driver…and many passengers too.

The children get off at the next stop. The bus becomes quiet and the remaining passengers doze off. The trip will take another hour. The conductor is now beginning to stack up the bills and count his change. He settles account at each end of his trip. This helps solve all accounting problems.

The market has swung into action. The customers are busy picking and choosing items they want for their daily menu. People have done their morning exercises and are on the way to work.

No one to hold me back

There is a strange unity in all this. The lone ranger is speeding along without any obstruction. Cavilers do find fault – most of the time at how fast it goes. At other times, you have people saying how slow it goes.

The clock hand has no idea that it is fixed to the face of the clock of course. And nobody wants to break the news to it.