Animals are Angels in disguises

Bully Awareness JJ Part Two

What does the other initial J stands for?

How did she come in the picture?

How did we meet?

Well, the other initial J stands for the name Jane. Now Jane and I were classmates. When I first started this new school in the sixth grade Jane was in the same class with me. She first approach me and introduced herself to me.

The teacher of the class Mr. Simpson who was out math teacher. Jane had trouble with fractions so Mr. Simpson asked me to be Jane’s tutor to help her in understanding doing fractions and how to solve the math problem. I had no trouble in helping Jane.

She came off as a very nice girl who was shy and very friendly. I was happy to help assist Jane in understanding fraction problems. As the months by we became friends so I thought. The impression I received Jane that she was sincere in our friendship. We exchanged phone numbers at lunch time. Mr. Simpson pulled me aside just before we heading down to lunch. I told Jane to go ahead and I will meet up with her at the lunch table we sit at together ever lunch period. I was so enthusiastic meeting a new friend that I could trust and share time with.

In the beginning of our friendship everything seem was going fine so I thought. We laughed together, we spend time at each others house. I got to meet her parents, her sister. She lived within a block or two away from where I lived with my parents. One night Jane called me. The reason of her calling me was to ask if I could ride my bike up to her house to help with her math home work. Thinking nothing of it, I felt safe riding up to her home. It wasn’t until I arrived to her house and I knocked on the door and her sister opened the door and invited me in.

Hi, she said. I am Jane’s big sister. My name is Carol. What is your name she asked? I told her my name then she said to me that Jane is upstairs, go on up Carol said. Heading up the stairs I got half way up and Jane met me in the middle of the stairs to meet me. When I got back to her bedroom where we were suppose to study together finding out there were two other girls there she invited too. That was okay. Jane introduce me to her friends and we were laughing, playing music. Forty five minutes being there at Jane’s house the two other girls started in on me calling me names at first then Jane started in on me a few minutes later.

Carol yelled up the stairs, What is happening up there? What is all the noise, Carol asked. Nothing, Jane yelled down to her sister. All the noise was from Jane and her friends started bullying me. I got away and ran down the stairs as fast as my two legs could take me and ran out the door hopped on my bike and pedal as fast as I could towards my home. Looking back to see if Jane and her friends were following me. They weren’t so I was relieve of that. When I finally home my father asked; how was my time spent with my new friend Jane. I didn’t answer. I quickly ran upstairs to my bedroom and flop on my bed and burst out in tears and I believe I cried myself to sleep.

The following morning which would of been a school day. Poppa called up the stairs to wake me up for school but I pretended I was not feeling well and wanted to stay home from school. I could not go to school feeling the way I feeling from what happen the night before. Jane pretended to be my friend to get what she wanted from me which was the answers to the math test the following school day. She did not like me after I said, “No, I would not help her to cheat on a test but I would be willing to help her study for the math test.

It appeared to the first time Jane and I have met she came off as a very friendly sincere person and wanted to be my friend. It all change when Mr. Simpson asked me to tutor her in math. She thought I was mocking her thinking I was smarter than her but that thought didn’t even cross my mind. Her two other friends placed that in her head telling all kinds of lies. I wanted Jane and I be good friends but apparently it did not work out that way I wanted it too. I don’t understand, why things happen as they do. I do know God had a reason for it to happen. Maybe it was to teach me a lesson to be able to grow in my faith. Only God knows and has the answers. I also realize the best answers to life questions are found in reading God’s word. When I began to read my bible it helped me to understand why all the evilness and ugliness in the world.

I have read a story in the bible that encourage me and inspire me of the things I have experience in my own life. The story about Job. The story goes saying that Job was a godly man, a justice man. One day, Satan came to God and said, he didn’t believe that Job would remain God’s faithful servant if he had everything taken from him. It was God who gave the devil permission to test Job. All God asked was not to take Job’s life. So Job’s life stock was taken, his wife left him, his servants, Job came down with leprosy. Yet Job still remain faithful to God. To know more information about Job, I challenge my readers to open their bible to the book of Job and read it. There may be something similar to what your going through today that reading Job’s story may inspire your life.

Although Jane and her friends tried to make me look as a fool and tried to harm me. Once again, God came to my rescue and protected me against my ermines. I couldn’t get where I am today without God’s protection and his guidance. Today, I have grown in my faith and still growing learning from life experiences. Today, I have more of a clear sense of who I am and Why I am here? What my purpose in life? See, one still one’s victim when they can’t let go of the past. As in the book of Philippians found in Chapter 3 verse thirteen, it says, No dear brothers and sisters I am still not all I should be, but I am focusing all my energies on this one thing.

Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead. That is what we all ought to do. I clearly understand, maybe some people looks back in their past as hurtful memories so why not let it go? Who wants to relive hurtful memories, unhappy memories. Oh, I am still learning this, letting go and having to trust God. I still have a lot of life lessons to learn yet. Because I was born a total stronger or with my own Will power than any other person living their life today learning not to quit or ever give up because the Devil would love that to see people get so low in their life to where they are to the point in their life to the throw in the towel, take their own lives. Never say Never! or Quit.

I grew to be stronger than I ever was because I didn’t quit. I fight to survive that is what I chosen to do. Every day, I pray and pray and ask God to give me wisdom, give me strength to continue to keep on trying even the many times I do fall flat on my face. I have learned not to trust people right off the bat for trust has to be earned and once trust is broken the trust between to individuals are hard to get back. My family moved away so since then I have not heard or had to see Jane or Judy or their friends again. I have prayed for them but choose not to be more careful who I make friends with.

During my darkest hours of my past storms and troubles the truth came out having a conversation with my pastor that I thought I would never wanted to share about my abuse. I moved on so I am today taking more steps forward in my life through the final stretch of the hardest past years of my life because I continue to fight and not give up or quit.


I choose to learn life lessons and receive the gifts of life as blessings. I choose to pull myself up when I fall flat on my face every time. “Oh, I still have moments I break down and shed tears ¬†and feel incapable of making anything to happen. I am a human being with human dignity so sometimes I am weak and tired and exhausted and have no interest on the hard stuff. Where I weak, Thy are strong. Although my enemies hates me and try to harm me, God says, Love your enemies, Love one another for that is golden rule as I love you. My enemies may taken a little piece from me, my self-esteem, and piece of my life but they can’t take my soul because it is the sole property of Jesus Christ!

I believe there are Angels among us.