Break the Shackles of a Stressful Life

The cock wanted two hands to hold his peace. Nothing ever breaks out in the morning (even stress) as quickly as this veritable beast!The morning sometimes hesitates on the borders of uncertain gloominess, afraid to step out of line. Someone has to keep this beast in locks and chains or at least inside a cage.

Wonderful things happen when the light steals out into the sky and peeps at the birds in the trees. Meaning of life (without stress )and its mysteries begin to awaken in the minds of people who begin to wander along certain pre-laid lines — roads I think they call it now.

Sometimes we find vegetables growing on the shelves…the shopkeeper waters it regularly. Another strange twist in life here. I was at first mystified by the colors of the birds that sat on the trees above the shops. They all wore black. I felt kind of let down. I was hoping to see some red or green or yellow. It was making me very stressed out.

That is when I decided to take a break from life. I went down to the river. There were of course a few fishes attending school. There were a few observers from different classes of life trying to make out what the fish were up to. One fish told me the secret — they were waiting for the magic man Gufran who makes spells. They wanted to capture the men sitting and observing them.

My head began to ache again. I think I must have dozed off. When I woke up it was dark. I tried to wake up but I was enclosed. I was in a dark pit. Who put me in? Of course there was a gentle slope leading to the pit but…

I know the perpetrators must have been in a hurry for they did not put mud on me before they left. Maybe it was Gufran! Or his assistant Cupran! I got up and stepped on the dead branch that was lying there. It broke. Something had to in the end in life.