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Hi girls!!! Today I want to talk a little about dry shampoos. We variants of 300 ml, the price is 10 euros one pharmacy (but you can find deals like the one at full price and the second at half price) .For those who want to know where you can find other flavors that I I have not seen in pharmacy, you know that you can find on offer and the price per (between 15 euros and 10 euros).

But let’s get to it. Who knows exactly what a dry shampoo, is a kind of powder that is sprayed by spray on the hair to remove sebum. But in no case be replaced by classic shampoo. It’s a little help for us girls when we hurry and do not have time to wash we even dry ..etc.

It is an extremely good and that saves us in many situations, but that does not mean we can use day after day without us wash our hair. No way! For example, when I use it in the morning … evening wash my normal hair (shampoo, conditioner / mask). I tried  but I liked that not leave white marks immediately after spraying but after giving not less hand remains no trace.

Trying just these four variants would say that all do the same thing, only to find the flavor to please your (my favorite is Oriental) instead we heard that the volume would tangled hair, I can not say about him because I did not tried. It still does the job. I am happy and the quality of products and i like that do what they promise!    I repurchased it and I recommend it dearly!