Body detoxification

Body detoxification

We all know how important is body detoxification. To get rid of the body’s “garbage” and get rid of the extra kilos, it is not enough just to reduce the calorific value of the diet. The best is to follow some basic rules of detoxification: body cleansing, health improvement, enrichment with vitamins, rejuvenation and rest.

First of all, reject the food with artificial additives. Choose the most natural products. It is prohibited to eat and drink products containing yeast. For a some time it is good go for the hypoallergenic diet and abstain from allergenic products (citrus fruits, honey and so on.). Eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables. If you find it difficult to refuse citrus fruit and bread with yeast, choose a wholegrain bread, citrus fruit better to eat, not to make a juice – so you get more fiber.

Then you need to adjust the hydrochloric acid and bile acid excretion. They are responsible for protein digestion, in addition to disinfecting the food and provide acidic medium for enzyme activity. Add in the diet sour vegetables and fruits (such as apples), as well as herbs.

The third task – to restore balance of the good and bad bacteria in the gut. To restore the intestinal micro flora, eat more products with the proven probiotics. In order these bacteria would be accepted by intestines, provide them “food” – prebiotics. The most easily available form of such food is fiber, which are fruits and vegetables.

Also enrich the diet of materials, which prolong youthfulness and neutralize free radicals. These are all antioxidants – fat soluble vitamins A and E, found in many oils, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, as well as an important element as zinc (pumpkin seeds). Do not forget the factors that hinders the body absorb antioxidants. Alcohol and nicotine reduce vitamins and useful acid uptake.

Keep regime of working and rest. Do not sit too long watching TV. Lie to bed no later midnight. To restore spiritual balance engage in yoga and other Eastern practices. If you’re having trouble falling asleep easily, least 2-3 hours before sleep drink a cup of herbal tea of ​​chamomile, mint or lemon. Do not abuse dinner.

Rest must be wise. If you spend all day at the computer, then you best recreation is sport. It can even help you sleep better. It’s not a secret that after intense training a person falls asleep more easily. Best sleep is 7-8 hours. During this time the body recovers its reserves.