19 simplest ways to lose weight- part 3

Hello friends!!
How you all are doing, hope everyone is doing okay!!

Again i am here to share some easy and interesting tips for you.

12- LIMIT YOUR CALORIE INTAKE- Limiting your daily intake of calories will definitely help you loose weight. So you have to plan your meal in advance so that you take only that much calories which is needed for your body. Intake of calories depends on your height, weight, age, etc.

13- DRINK A GLASS OF WATER BEFORE YOUR MEAL- Drinking water before meal will make you feel full even when you take less food in your meal. This will help you reduce your portions easily without sacrificing your meal.

14- SMART GROCERY SHOPPING- First and foremost thing you must take care is the time of grocery shopping. Avoid going for grocery shopping when you are hungry. Also avoid going to those areas where you find grocery items and you tend to buy cookies, ice-creams, pizzas and other unhealthy food stuffs.

15- WHILE IN A RESTAURANT- Visiting restaurants on a daily basis will tremendously increase your weight. Try not to visit restaurants and chose lean meat or fish with a salad, instead of pasta or pizza, and have a fruit salad for dessert, instead of an ice-cream or a cake.

16- FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRESH FRUITS- If you feel hungry between your meals, have some fresh vegetables and fruits in your snacks instead of taking calories and unhealthy food. This will enhance your metabolism and nourish you body with vitamins and minerals and help loosing weight.

17- DRINK MORE AND MORE WATER- As we all know drinking water boosts your metabolism. Water is an important ingredient to loose weight. Also when you drink water you will feel less hungry. So try to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday.

18- AVOID NIGHTTIME EATING- This is not possible if i say you not to eat after 6 pm but try to take your food early at night. At least have your dinner 3 to 4 hours before going to bed. Going to bed right after having dinner will increase your weight.

19- WEIGH YOURSELF- You should weigh yourself after every 3 days. Don’t do it too often but its necessary to check it. This will make you understand what to do next and stay comfortable. Sometimes it will provide you motivation.

I hope the above tips will be helpful for you.