Blowing A Kiss

A kiss can say many things.  It can be about love, a greeting or way to say good bye.  When the person who kisses us is someone we love then it can be more meaningful.  This is especially true when a kiss comes from one’s child.

My daughter loves to blow kiss not just for blowing’s sake.  She shows her affection by doing this gesture.  She may not allow you to kiss her on her cheeks but it does not mean she does not care for you.  But when she blows a kiss it is equally powerful and meaningful.  Perhaps it is her own version of intimacy.  After all children think differently.

We have many types of blowing a kiss.  Her favorites include butterfly kiss.  This is when we hold our hands close to our lips.  And when we blow a kiss we flutter our hands like a butterfly.  Our hands then flutter around each other,  Another type she likes is the balloon kiss.  We hold our hands close to our lips as if holding a small balloon.  We blow into it and we move our hands slowly apart from each other as if holding a balloon that is being inflated.  We then toss the imaginary balloon at each other.  We even pretend that some kisses are too playful that they crawl up to her head and tickle her.  these kisses she calls tickle kisses.  And she has to tell them to behave like a kiss.  Of course there is the classic way to do it. But regardless, of what we do, she always clutches the kisses I give to her and put them close to her heart.

A kiss can say many things.  But when it is my daughter blowing me a kiss I know it is her saying ‘I love you.”  It is a special feeling knowing that your child loves you.