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Automobile theft is the biggest problem in the remote location of the city and neither key lock
nor Remote keyless system provides reliable solution because key can be copied very easily and
remote keyless system encrypted data use radio waves which can be recorded and used to unlock
the car. To design a unique key which doesn’t rely on key or radio wave, biometric solution is the
only better option. Our purpose here is to provide biometric solution with very low cost hardware
and using open source hardware and software tool plus does it your self-installation.

Key words: Automobile theft security, automobile ignition control, open source hardware and
software, do it your self-installation.

There are many devices available in the market to give you good antitheft solution. Some of easy install
and cheap solution is mechanical immobilizers [1] like steering wheel lock, hood lock, tire lock, gear shift
lock, ignition/steering wheel column lock and brake pedal lock. There is electronic version of immobilizers
available which can lock the ignition system or fuel system until special key combination (using some
keypad) or combination of various pedals are entered.
Mechanical immobilizers are cheap but not so good solution when car key is stolen. while good
electronic immobilizers are available with higher price with extra installation and maintenance charge.
The article provided by Delhi police does not give you effective guidance on antitheft [2], thus it is
necessary to design a device that lock our automobile with unique key, a biometric locking system.
There is a good article written by Indian express [3] about automobile theft in metro city like Delhi. In
Delhi 2 case is registered in every 30 minutes. Software-Savvy, Tech-Friendly Thieves Armed with latest
technology and tools, come in group of four or five, expert in every field on automobile engineering, they
can find a way in [4]. They don’t require to copy the ignition key as they use some Chinese software “the
Engine Control Module (ECM) code breaker”, available online and costs Rs 1 lakh. They can break
steering lock and gear box lock with specialized tools and start the car. Here is the case study on
automobile theft by Indian express [3]
To provide cheaper solution, we use open source hardware and software tools. Arduino is an open-source
electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for anyone making
interactive projects. The plans of the Arduino boards are published under a Creative Commons license, so
experienced circuit designers can make their own version of the module, extending it and improving it. The
Arduino software is easy-to-use for beginners, yet flexible enough for advanced users. It runs on Mac,
Windows, and Linux. The Arduino software is published as open source tools, available for extension byexperienced programmers. The language can be expanded through C++ libraries, and people wanting to
understand the technical details can make the leap from Arduino to the AVR C programming language on
which it’s based. Similarly, you can add AVR

Figure 2 Fingerprint ignition and accessories control block
5.1. Finger Print Module
R305 Fingerprint module is one of the best and cheap sensor. It has TTL serial mode for communication
which makes it easier to interface with any microcontroller based system. It comes around 2200 rupees
from robokit India. Detailed version of datasheet is given in reference [5].
information on module as well as instruction for interfacing with Arduino
library to interface fingerprint module with Arduino, the source code is avail
Figure 3 Standard 4
ls AVR-C code directly into your Arduino programs if you want to.

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