John Wick

The Best Movie in the year 2017 is John Wick.


Hollywood, Netflix and AMC among other film production studios released lots of interesting movies in 2016. I know that the list of number of renowned film production studios goes on and on. It is evidently true that the movies industry is continuously improving in terms of graphics’ complexity, visual clarity and story line creativity. I am a great fanatic of movies especially horror films and action movies. For a long time, the movie industry has evolved greatly and this year I beg to appreciate the kind of innovation portrayed in film making. John Wick part 1  satisfactorily captured my love for movies. Lions Gate and Thunder Road Pictures film production companies contributed to the creation of the film.

Interesting Star

Keanu Reeves is the main starring in the movie. He assumes the character of John Wick in the movie. The movie portrays John Wick as a feared man due to his extraordinary skills of martial arts and use of guns. He has great reputation in the city of New York as a committed assassin with great focus. Drug lords, murders, powerful politicians and highly influential people in the city respect his occupation.

John Wick Part 1’s Plot

The movie is divided into part 1 and part 2. Part 1 is very interesting and fascinating. John Wick is said to have abandoned his rank or job in the intercontinental club of assassins that is globally based. A beautiful woman was the reason why John left the intercontinental club. However, his wife dies of an incurable illness. Few days later, thugs batter him, steal his car and kill his dog. John Wick is infuriated by the death of his dog because it was the last gift from her wife.

Therefore, he swears to revenge by killing all the thugs. The gang leader was a son of a rich drug lord in New York City. After the drug lord receives the news that John brutally murdered his son, he plans to revenge. Consequently, he is able to kill John Wick’s closest ally and friend. John finds him and kills all his bodyguards. The drug lord fights with John. In the end, John overpowers him and stabs him with a dagger on the neck.