Aim Global Company: Six Ways to Earn

Six Ways to Earn

There are six ways to earn here in the company I belong: The Aim Global Company.  Other networking company may use one or two of the six ways but this company gather all the ways that compensate the members. It takes every one that invest in this company to the fullest.

Let me introduce to you the six ways to earn in Aim Global Company.

  1. Retailing- Once you become a member of Aim Global Company, you can sell the products (food supplements made in Nature’s Way USA). It is discounted less than 25% . For example, you bought the C24/7 for 26$ you can get 7$.  We have no qouta.
  2. Direct Referral Bonus- We are building a network of people. We are seeking for great leaders to become a member of Aim Global Company. Once that person join, the company will give me 11$ for direct referral.  It is unlimited. If you get 100 direct referral you can get 100 times 11$.
  3. Match Sales Bonus- As a member of Aim Global Company, you have Data Tracking Center in the webpage of the company ( where you can see all about your business.  Here you can see your genealogy. You have the right sales group and the left sales group. Once you put one person on your left sales group and one person on the right sales group, the system will detect it and once again you will have 33$ matching bonus. If the system detects one person on the left and one at the right, it will generate 33$ every time even it is not your direct referral. If your group on the left and on the right got 20 referrals in a day, only the 16 matches will be paid and that is 24 thousands pesos here in the Philippines or 533$. What will happen to the extra four matches? It will be to the company so that the company will also earn. We call it safety net.
  4. Unilevel Sales Bonus-In our genealogy, we can see level of members.From 1st to the 10th level, we can get 5% of income to all generated points of every products they bought including the one we bought from the company.
  5. Stair Step- Once our left sales and right sales group generate 10 points, we are promoted into Silver Executive, 100 points is Gold Executive, then the last one is 1000 points and we will be promoted as Global Ambassador. Where we are entitled to travel incentives. (USA Trip, Europe Trip, Hongkong or Asian Cruise with two-weeks trip and free pocket money from Aim Global Company.)
  6. Royalty Sales Bonus- Once you become a Global Ambassador, you will receive the 5% from your unilevel, plus the 30% from all of your group sales. You are entitled to receive too 2% of royalty bonus from your 1st level Global Ambassador down to your 5th level Global Ambassador.

If you want to earn this 6 ways, join with me in Aim Global and achieve time and money  freedom lifetime. Aim Global is a helping business. The company help us, and we help the poor by getting 1% from every product that we bought from the company. Isn’t it wonderful?