Affordable hair transplant cost in Pune

The majority of the population in this contemporary world is taking their health for granted. This is not only detrimental for their health but their appearance also. Increasing hair loss and hair thinning issues are evidence for that.

Affordable hair transplant costs in Pune can help individuals’ patterns of balding regain their youthful look. This medical operative procedure helps the victims in bringing back their naturally voluminous hairline.

Dwindling hairlines and crown section balding is the most common pattern of hair thinning problem among men and women of all ethnicities around the world because diffusing hairlines can also diffuse the confidence of a person.

Hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant is the surgical procedure which helps in removing hair from one of the body parts and places it on the thinning or balding parts of the body. This procedure was invented by the medical professionals of the United States of America in the 50s. But the technology has gotten more and more advanced over the decades.

This is an in-office procedure. Hair transplantation procedures demand reliable local anaesthesia for at least 5 to 8 hours. But because the anaesthesia is local, the patient constantly stays wide awake. An anaesthesia specialist will be present at the operative site.

Before injecting the numbing drug at the recipient and donor sites, the surgeons do both areas.

Follicular unit transplant or FUT:

In this surgical way of the hair transplant procedure, the surgeon strips off a patch of skin from the scalp or the donor location. Then they collect all the follicles of healthy hair and thicker hair from the patch of skin.

Typically each patch of skin carries 1 to 5 broad enough strands of hair. Then the surgeons place these follicles of hair at the balding or thinning recipient side one by one. The craft units are also known as follicular units.

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE –

Contemporary hair transplant surgeons prefer this variant of hair transplant procedures way more than the follicular unit transplant technique. Even the patient prefers this procedure because of the outcome.

The results of this variant of hair transplant procedure look way more natural than the prior one because it does not require the extraction of the whole skin patch.

In this surgery, surgeons take out a tiny portion of the scalp or skin with a hair follicle. After the extraction of hair follicles, doctors put them in a solution for a couple of moments before they start planting them at the balding recipient location.

The formula of the solution acts as a booster. It helps the already thicker hair follicle recover and grows fast in the new location. It also elevates the potential of that hair follicle by helping adhere.


Both the FUT and FUE graft procedures have an affordable hair transplant cost in Pune. Women and men both can seek out these procedures to regain their beautiful hair look. When it comes to your hair, you should surely not take chances, and make sure rather visit a specialist on time.

Hair transplantation is considered to be one of the best solutions, that will help you regain your hair, and add a level of confidence in you.