Top 4 Reasons Why Window Coverings Are Important

Window coverings are more than decorative elements in your home. Curtains, drapes and shades all have a purpose behind their beauty. While they do serve to enhance your aesthetic home style, window treatments also have a variety of other benefits. Here are some of the top reasons why you should be using them in your home.

Energy Efficiency

One of the best reasons to hunt for custom window shades near me Madison CT is the money you can save on energy costs. Covering your windows prevents excessive drafts, keeps the warmth in during the winter months and blocks the sun during the summer months. Opening and closing your curtains takes a small amount of time compared to the savings you can build up.

Improved Sleep

Our bodies move in a circadian rhythm and the advancement in technology has messed with that. Combat the blue light problems with window treatments that enhance sleep. There are plenty of light-blocking curtains and shades that are made to keep you in the dark.


Without window coverings, anyone walking past your house can see what’s going on inside. Besides making you feel like someone is watching you all the time, this can be unsafe if you’re out of the house. If passersby know your schedule, it makes it easier for a break-in to occur. Cover the windows to give yourself the privacy you need when using the bathroom or getting changed in the morning.

UV Protection

The sun’s rays are strong and can cause damage to electronics, furniture, rugs, photos and more. To protect your home and belongings from harm, use window treatments to block the worst of the sun’s rays from reaching your items. Sunlight fades items quickly, but you won’t even notice because you’re in the environment constantly.

There are so many benefits to covering your windows, from enhancing your decor to protecting your space to saving you money.