A Promise of Everlasting Love

Today I woke up to one of the most wonderful days in my life.  My 4-year old daughter jumped on me and gave my a big hug. Then she whispered the most wonderful thing in the world.  She said, “Daddy I will love you forever even if you grow old or wrinkly”.  That made my day. I can’t think of any father who wouldn’t want to hear those words from his daughter.

The love of a daughter

Since my wife and I had our daughter our lives just got better.  Of course there are some bumps along the road but everything is drowned down by the this little angel.  She is one of the sweetest person in the world.  She would grab my leg and just hang on.  She would jumped behind me and tackle me with her own version of a rear naked choke.  And in every situation, I know she loves me dearly.  The love of a daughter is so precious to parents.  They love without question.

Returning the Love

As parents we often consume our day with work.  We often justify this by need to provide for our families.  Although providing for the family is important our kids require less.  Sometimes a hug and a kiss are all they need to know they are loved.  And in many instances our ability to connect physically and emotionally with them  shows that we love them deeply more than the cash we bring home.

Love is appreciating the simple things

I can’t be happier than have a wonderful family.  I have a wonderful wife and child.  We often neglect the fact that having a family beside us even through the rough times is a blessing.  And sure enough loving is appreciating the simple things in life.  A hug, a kiss or a simple whisper of I love you is more than enough to strengthen the relationships within the family.  Not even a bag of gold can compare to the wonders of doing the simplest things with your family.  Let us not take for granted the little things in life.

I woke up this day with a renewed love in my heart thanks to my daughter.  I will soon sleep and take with me the comfort of  knowing that I am loved.  I am a lucky father and husband.