19 simplest ways to lose weight- part 2

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Here is my continuation to the topic which will help you loose weight in just a week.

6- REDUCE THE SIZE OF YOUR PORTIONS- Reducing size of your portions doesn’t mean that you should stop taking or skipping meals or breakfast. You should just reduce the size of your meals like 3/4 portion of your meal. This can show you visible results in just a week.

7- EXERCISE TO LOOSE WEIGHT- This one is very common and everyone know it. Exercise is very important to loose weight. Exercises like jogging, aerobics, cycling, sports, dancing, etc.

8- DON’T SKIP MEALS- I have said this earlier that skipping meals will never help you loose weight. So Stop skipping meals and try to take healthy meals instead of fats and calories. Take less food and take it more often if you feel hungry.

9- HEALTHY DIET PLAN- If you want to loose weight very often you should make a healthy diet plan and to do this better consult a dietitian. Plan you daily intake in meals, breakfast. Note it down about you daily routine and food you take everyday and try to manage it yourself.

10- INCLUDE FRESHLY MADE SOUPS IN YOUR DIET- As per various researchers its has been proved that soup not only ameliorate the digestive process but it also helps to boost your metabolism and hence helps reducing extra fat from your body.

11- SMALLER PLATES- This may sound weird but this is one of the important tips which will be very helpful. You should use smaller plates for your meal, this will reduce the size of your intake and hence will help reduce some extra pounds from your body.