Sad Day at the Farm

I have n’t been posting here for several days now.  The last typhoon that hit the Philippines took a toll on our farm.  It is a small patch of land where we have some people plant rice.  Unfortunately, the last typhoon destroyed everything.  Our family has around 4 hectares and it is quite small compared to other land owners.  Although it may be small, it is still a huge loss for us.  I am just thankful no one there got hurt.

According to estimates, more the typhoon left more than 2 Billion Pesos in damages to agriculture.  We are still lucky  in that this is just an extra source income for us.  But I can not say the same for the other land owners there.  Most of them turn to planting rice as their means of income.

Standing up after the storm seems hard especially after something devastating like this.  But there is nowhere else to go but to stand up and rebuild.  Even our small house in the farm experienced significant damage.  But like anything in life, material things can be rebuilt.  And that is exactly what we will do.

There is much to do not just for our small patch of land but for the whole community.  And we Filipinos know how to get up after such devastation.  Typhoons are part of our lives and we can overcome this hurdle.

It feels good writing about it.  At least here I can just let out the negative energy so i can focus on the positive ones.  I am glad that I have this community and family to share.

So to my SkyPip friends and family out there.  Carlos is back!  Although my spirits is somewhat dampened by the typhoon, I continue to look forward to something beautiful in life.