An old metal garage door

Top Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

The garage door is the house’s largest moving thing, moving about a thousand times per year. So, it needs care and maintenance to function properly and efficiently. Homeowners can use various maintenance tips to keep the doors in order.

Lubricate Moving Parts

All moving parts of a garage door must be lubricated. Lubrication helps the door to open or shut smoothly. Oiling the garage door parts prevents heat, friction, weather damage and prolongs the life of a garage door.

Do A Balance Test

Unbalanced garage doors can cause the opener to fail and break a cable or spring. Close it and unplug it from the opener to test the door’s balance. Lift the door halfway, then release it gently. If the door doesn’t stay in place, look for Chris’ garage doors Denver CO, to replace or adjust the springs.

Check The Rollers

Whether your garage door rollers are nylon or steel, they should be inspected two times every year and replaced every seven years or more. Replace chipped, worn or cracked rollers regularly. This is done by removing and reinstalling any roller outside the cable bracket.

Replace Weather-strip

Ensure the weather strip along the bottom of the door is in good condition to keep off water, snow, or ice. If the rubber is cracked or seems broken, you can buy a new weatherstrip at a nearby garage door service shop. Cut the new pieces to fit the grooves beneath the door and ensure the flanges wide-angle is inside the door.

Realign Garage Door Sensors

A garage door requires sensors to operate well. However, they may not work well due to realignment if they are knocked off the track. You only need to push the door gently to realign the sensors. To work well, the garage door sensors should face one another. If they are not aligned properly, the light will blink and stop once positioned correctly.

Clear The Tracks

If the garage door is squeaking or sticky, it’s likely its pathway has debris. Clean the dirt and other accumulating particles. Scrub them, and use a damp cloth to clean the inside of the door track.

Coat The Garage Door Surface

A coat of Garex wax on your garage door will keep it clean longer and protect the varnish coat. A wax coat will also protect the paint from UV rays that may destroy it. Spray the wax 10-15 cm away from your garage door and spread the wax on a soft cloth.

High-tension cables that lift and support the garage door can cause harm and even death if you mess with them. But you can inspect and examine the roller bracket for broken strands or damage before calling an expert.

Tighten Up The Hardware

A garage door closes and opens over a thousand times per year. All that movement and vibration can loosen hardware. Use a socket wrench to tighten loose bolts and roller brackets.

Maintaining your door properly will protect its appearance and prolong its life. A poorly maintained door can cause inconveniences and even accidents. Always ensure an expert checks the components of a garage door to be sure.