Tips to Keep Your Company’s Data Secure

A criminal gaining access to your company’s financial data can lead to major fraud and theft. Here are some things that every type of company should do in order to effectively prevent breaches.

Create Policies About Storing Information

Companies need to develop comprehensive plans for keeping their sensitive data secure. A physical or cloud based storage system can offer adequate protection.

Discard Data Safely

Data storage policies should include directives about how to safely dispose of materials containing a company’s private data or customers’ personal information. Using shredders or secure disposal boxes may be advisable. Also, it is a good practice to physically destroy storage devices that are no longer in use instead of simply throwing them away. For help with hard drive destruction Boston MA, work with a company that has practical experience serving businesses in your area.

Train Staff

Make sure that all of your team members know what they need to keep an eye out for to avert phishing scams or other attempts to infiltrate a company’s network. It is important to include everyone on your team because it is likely that everyone has enough access to information to result in a breach. Even if someone’s job role does not directly involve accessing or storing information online, simply using the internet on a computer attached to your network could create a potential vulnerability.

Update Software As Needed

Antivirus programs must continually update in order to stay effective against the newest and most sophisticated threats. Cyber criminals are constantly finding workarounds for many of the most popular antivirus programs. The updates that the software providers issue are often aimed towards improving protection against specific programs or hazards. Delaying updates could jeopardize security.

Ultimately, cyber threats will continue evolving. Businesses need to be very guarded about how they keep themselves safe against cyber criminals.