Five rules to care of your Kid’s teeth

Your baby will not at all experience a painful toothache, if you help him learn the 5 basic rules of dental care.

FIRST, apply visit the dentist.He was pleased to show the child how to properly brush your teeth. Method the dental dentition special dye that kid saw firsthand the dangers to health of the teeth is the soft plaque, remaining in the mouth after improper cleaning. Tirelessly, make sure that your child brushing his teeth all the rules and do it every morning and evening.

Secondly, every 2-3 months (no less!) Drive a son or daughter to a pediatric dentist for a check.
The fact that the original Foch of dental caries – tiny portions of whitened enamel – can be seen only specialist. White spot indicates that at this point the enamel lost some crystalline minerals, thinned and became more vulnerable to microorganisms living in the soft plaque on the teeth and creates an acidic environment, which are destroyed under the influence of enamel residues and there is a risk of caries. In this case, the dentist will hold a special treatment application with 2% solution of a special substance – sodium fluoride, which helps keep the tooth healthy.

Third, be sure to seal the baby all baby teeth affected by caries.
The view that they can not cure – would soon fall out all wrong. Dentists figuratively called bad teeth saboteurs carrying a lot of infections in the body. Toddlers with these teeth are more likely than other children catch cold, get sick of SARS, they lowered immunity. Dangerous decay and emerging permanent teeth. Enamel on them will not be as thick as needed and they, in turn, become easy prey to decay.

Fourth, at a number of six-years behind the milk teeth appear sixth permanent molars.
For about six months, while growing up, they remain below their milk “brothers”, hiding behind them. Toothbrush in children’s hands, as a rule, until they do not get it – that’s why dentists advise parents to help their kids. Clear molars simple: lay the baby on her lap, ask him to open his mouth and walk several times a brush on the side surfaces of the teeth and biting behavior. By the way, in Denmark, Norway and France, mom and dad do so a decade already, because caries among adolescents in these countries is almost defeated.

Fifth, make sure that the baby eats.
The fact that there are delicacies, which adhere to the teeth, forming a lot of soft
plaque: caramels, candies, toffees, biscuits. A raw fruits and vegetables, on the contrary, contribute to the cleaning of the teeth. Therefore, at the end of any meal encourage your child to chew an apple or carrot.