What Should You Consider When Selecting a Home Security System?

If you want to have peace of mind when you are sleeping or out of town, you should think about purchasing a home security system. They come with great features, such as emergency service alerts, 24/7 professional monitoring, and much more.

Many companies offer home security systems on the market, though with different contract requirements, equipment available, cost, and installation methods. However, there are a lot of factors you need to consider before installing home security monitoring. Keep reading this guide to help you know what you must consider.

Examples of Home Security Equipment

Here are the most common home security equipment, although most companies offer specialized equipment and different packages:

  • Motion detector
  • Security cameras
  • Doorbell camera
  • Smoke detector
  • Control panel
  • Leak sensors
  • Window and door sensors
  • Temperature sensors

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Home Security System?

Selecting an alarm system is not easy since you can’t pick the cheapest package or the first option. There are many factors outlined below that you need to consider:

DIY or Professional Installation

Various companies will provide DIY and professional installation, but others will provide only one option. Each installation has its pros and cons. Experts in security systems basically do a professional installation. Security experts can help you go through the process and install the equipment in a specific location to maximize protection.

Nevertheless, professional installation forces you to work on another person’s schedule. You need to give them access to your home and pay the installation fee, which can range from around $99 and $199 or even higher.

DIY installation does not offer professional expertise, though most DIY systems are pre-programmed, allowing you only to set them up. Most come with peel and stick equipment, helping you avoid drilling holes since you only need to peel and stick them at a specific location.


There are many categories you need to consider regarding the cost of your home security system. They include installation fee, activation fee, equipment fee, monitoring fee, and also any hidden fee.

Different providers will have different costs for their equipment or packaging. You must note that the cheapest equipment is not always of the best quality. You need to balance your budget depending on your priorities to get the best equipment and at an affordable cost.

Some providers may charge the equipment cost and the activation fee. You need to pay at least a $100 fee if you choose professional installation. Some providers offer DIY monitoring only, while others offer professional monitoring.

Generally, providers offer different levels of protection with a monitoring plan for one month, starting with a starter kit and finishing with an advanced alternative. Ensure you go through the fine print to confirm all your costs.

Monitoring Options

Another consideration is if you want professional monitoring or DIY monitoring. Some providers will offer both, allowing you to choose one that suits your needs. Professional monitoring offers round-the-clock safety from experts who get alerts when the alarm is triggered. They will investigate the problem and, if needed, call emergency services. You need to pay a monthly fee to enjoy professional monitoring.

DIY monitoring means you pay no monthly fee while you monitor the system yourself. The responsibility of telling the authorities or emergency services is yours. You will get notifications and alerts when your alarm is prompted.

Type of Equipment

You also need to consider the type of equipment, since some providers permit you to lease equipment, while other providers will only allow you to purchase it or choose between the two. An important factor to consider is whether your equipment is wired or not. If you have children and pets, a wireless system is a good idea to avoid interference.

Ensure you consider these factors before choosing a home security system and ensure it is suitable and affordable for your home. There are many service providers all around the globe.

As we have seen above, there are many factors that you should consider when selecting a home security system. Click on this link to learn more about the factors you should consider when selecting a home security system.