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Windowsill Gardening

Windowsill Gardening Made Easy

One of the things I enjoy about windowsill gardening is that there is no weeding to do. Plus, I can do it all year round.

I remember my first year, I started some cherry tomatoes in the windowsill. They got so big that I had to transplant them in huge planter pots. Keeping the plants close to the window gave me tomatoes well into winter.

I was amazed! And surprised at how easy it was. I thought, “Why didn’t I do this sooner.”

When I first started out in windowsill gardening, I found growing lettuce was the easiest. So, if you’ve never grown anything in your windowsill before, I highly recommend starting with seeds for lettuce. From there you might want to try, celery, herbs, onions even baby carrots.

Today, I’m going to share with you a photo of my first windowsill lettuce.  That’s another one of my hobbies, photography. It’s great when making meals so people can see the end result in my articles.

Right now, I have two new things of celery started, some basil, and strawberry plants. Lettuce doesn’t really seem to take to the hot humid season we are experiencing right now. So I’ll wait until September to start my fall batch.

Tips To Remember

Clean your containers really well to reduce disease and pests.

Note: While you might not have your garden in the ground, things can still get past to your garden through the air.

Another good tip for beginners is changing the soil out each year.

Note: Windowsill containers are small so you’ll use up a lot of the nutrients in the soil which is needed. However, don’t waste the soil by tossing it out. Recycle your used soil as compost and reuse.

Things You’ll Need

  • Planter Container
  • Soil
  • Windowsill with lots of light
  • Seeds
  • Water

I hope you’ve found this information informative and inspiring. Be sure to check out my next article here on . Where’ll I’ll be talking food and healthy living.

Windowsill Gardening Made Easy

Windowsill Gardening Made Easy 




Grow strawberries from seeds.

Grow strawberries from seeds.

Grow Your Own Celery

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  1. Chelle

    Thanks for the advice. I have actually wanted to do some indoor gardening for years,but I have hesitated because I have cats who also love to sit in the windowsills. But, I don’t suppose they have to have access to every one. So, maybe I can at least take back one or two of them. In fact, my windows are five feet tall, so I could actually add shelves every 20-inches, and have a bit more space.



      I can see where one might think that’s a problem. We have two cats and it really depends on the cat. Once you get started though they soon get bored with it all and leave them alone. I think one favorite is eating the tops off my cherry tomato plants. lol



    This is a great idea. I may give it some thought.


    Maria D. Strong

    Have just seen some featured gardening from a social media and want to try it.. love to plant fruits.. but it will only look like plant.. that is what i saw in the article.
    I love planting too… love greens..

  4. yoghurt

    I simply love gardens but not gardening….lol

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