They want to suppress it but the veterinarian manages to save it

His name is Emu. Life with him was terrible. He knew the pain, the loneliness, the fear and the hunger. He lived his years struggling to stay alive. And one day, men took it.

Emu was so afraid … and he was right to be scared: those people no longer wanted to see him around. The dog bothered and decided to take it from the vet to suppress it.

They want to suppress it but the veterinarian manages to save it

The doctor took the dog and said he would put her on the list for euthanasia. But instead of doing so, he took the phone and called the volunteers of Sidewalk Specials.

And they washed it, cared for and made it another. And then, thanks to them, Emu found a family willing to host him, pending final adoption.

At first, what was to be expected, Emu was nervous and distrustful. But when he realized that no one would hurt him, he began to get out of his shell. She had turned into a friendly and playful puppy.

Unfortunately, being an older dog, he did not seem to have many chances to find a family forever. But the family who housed it did not want to surrender.

They want to suppress it but the veterinarian manages to save it

And the miracle they all expected came. Emu has been adopted … its new owners have called it Nutzie. The beautiful little dog now also has a sister, the dog Sahara.

We all have the right to a second chance and we are happy that for Emu there was the happy ending.

It was not easy but thanks to extraordinary people, a puppy who was about to die now has a family who loves him and who will be next to him until the end of his life.

If you liked this story, share it with your friends. And encourage everyone to take old dogs as well. They have so much to give again!

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  1. granny2018

    this is wonderful story with a great ending im happy to hear Emu got a new family and second chance on life he deserves it.

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