Happy New Year!!

Hello friends!!
How you all are doing, hope everyone is doing okay!!
A very good afternoon to all !!

Just wanted to wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year 2016. May this year brings lots of happiness to you all. And also i want to wish our Admin. I hope you all know the new update which has been given to we all the members of SKY PIP as a new year gift from our respected admin. Which is that now we will get paid for receiving comments on our posts along with the views. I think that the site is improving more and more day by day. In this new Year I am hoping the best for this site and expecting some more attractive updates from our admin.

In this two days of the new year i did nothing much great but really enjoyed a lot. We had a huge party on 31st of December that is on new year eve and enjoyed a lot that day specially after midnight. Before that orchestra were singing songs which was a bit boring sometimes and i was feeling sleepy. But after 12 am DJ started and we had a blast that night. We all were dancing and continuously we danced for an hour. After that i came back to home and i was so tired that without changing i went to bed and slept. But really that was one of my best party of my life yet.
Well 3 days passed away in this new year 2016 and i am wishing you all today, i really apologize for this. I supposed to wish you on 1st January but i was so busy in party and celebration that i couldn’t find time.

And i think that you all have enjoyed with celebrations this new year. Enjoy the year friends. Stay Happy.
God Bless You!!!!


  1. Kathy Atkinson

    Hi, All the best for 2016 too. Sounds like you had a good time.

    • yoghurt

      yeah buddy……………i hope you also enjoyed a lot..

  2. LadyNightwave

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and have a great year.

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