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Decorating with Christmas cards

Sending Christmas cards are a wonderful tradition. Hopefully, it is a tradition that most people will continue even though they can send Ecards via their computer. The reason why is simple. Nothing beats holding a traditional card in your hands and knowing that a person took the time to send it to you. It shows that the person has the Christmas spirit and it shows that they actually thought of you.

Once you get these special cards, you shouldn’t just place them in a pile on your counter top, throw them into a box, or worse yet, forget about them. What you should do is add them to your decorations. This will show people that you actually care for the cards.

Here are some tips on how you can decorate with Christmas cards:

1. Decorate your staircase. Simply punch a hole in each card. Place some pretty greenery or garland up and down the staircase. String some ribbon through the hole of each card and hang from the greenery or garland.
2. Decorate a living room mirror. Simply tape each card around the frame of the mirror using glue dot.
3. Decorate a living room window. Simple tie some pretty garland such as pom pom garland or greenery from one end of your window to the other end. Then punch a hole in each of your cards and string some ribbon from each card. Now pick a spot on the ribbon to hang each card.
4. Pick a spot on your wall and arrange your cards to form a Christmas tree display. You can do this by placing glue dots on the cards. This will keep the cards from harming your wall. You can also place them in an arrangement to form a wreath, if you prefer.
5. Place ribbon strings up and down any door. Then secure cards on the ribbon with paper clips or straight pins. You can also place ribbon on cabinet doors.
6. Place your favorite Christmas cards on your mantel or bookcase in plate holders. This will allow them to stand upright for all to see.

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  1. yoghurt

    well….i am an Indian so this festival is not much famous in our culture…but i visit to church on 25th December

  2. Kathy Atkinson

    Thank you for sharing this with us. There are some super ideas, but I have noticed that here in South Africa people do not bother to send many Christmas Cards anymore. I receive beautiful cards from relatives overseas through.

    • Linda-From-Ohio

      I don’t receive as many cards as I once did this time of the year. Luckily, though not all of my friends and family members have given up this tradition, yet. And, I still send out a variety of Christmas cards myself.

  3. carlos

    These are awesome ideas. You are very creative my friend.

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