Your Ticket to Passing a Drug Test on Short Notice

What?! You’re due for a drug test in two days?!

Well, that definitely seems like a huge problem. I’m sure that your mind is racing about thoughts of getting caught. What’ll happen to your job? Is it time to say goodbye to any chances of promotion? Should you skip or go AWOL? I’m pretty sure that your paranoia is drowning you right at this moment. But let me tell you this: The only way to get out of this rut is through. You can’t skip steps; you can’t run away. Even if you don’t show up for this test and manage to get away without much trouble, similar situations are bound to take place in the future. And you can’t keep running away all the time now, can you? After all, being absent or MIA every time a drug test comes around will only raise suspicions. What you need is to find a better way to counter spontaneous drug testing schedules. If you manage to find the perfect solution and conceal evidence about your active drug usage, you don’t have to feel panic whenever a routine or surprise test is announced.

Why Are We Letting You “In” On This Secret

You must be wondering why I am going to such lengths as to write an article to help you pass a drug test.

Am I a drug user? Too seldom to be considered a user.

Am I into Medical Marijuana?Hmm, maybe.

Can I empathize with your situation? Yes, I can.

All around the world, thousands of people cling to drugs to cope with life’s unruly demands – each of them facing a different struggle; a different form of abuse. Some need to stay awake more than 18 hours a day, seven days a week because of work. No one can survive that without psychoactive intervention (read more about functioning professionals). Others have to drown themselves in alcohol just to get a decent 4-hour sleep. Insomnia and anxiety-related disorders are no simple mental health issues to battle with, after all. Every person in every country has different stories to tell. So, who am I – are we, to judge?

If quitting your hectic job that puts bread on the table is not an option and the only way you can maintain your sanity is through psychoactive drug use, then I am not in any place to tell you what and what not to do. I always go by the saying “Everything is permissible when used in moderation.” Don’t you agree? It is entirely up to you when you choose to abuse it. Only then, are you responsible for whatever negative effects it has on your body. Most Nootropics (an umbrella term for psychoactive drugs sold in the market), for example, are already legal. But abuse them and you will suffer the same consequences as you would Marijuana and other more dangerous drugs.

Now that I’ve explained my intentions properly, let us move on to discussing the thing that you are most eager to hear about – the fastest way you can rid your system of substance traces. Or, if you’d like to go into more detail, feel free to give this a read:

How to Prepare For A Drug Test – Fast!

Let’s discuss what you can do to pass the drug test based on when it’s going to take place. Starting with:

Next Month Onwards

If the drug test is not due until next month, this gives you ample time to prepare your body – to restore it to its normal state. Having this much time, you can always go for the natural way of flushing out drug traces which is detox. By eating healthy, exercising, and generally following a healthier lifestyle, you can cleanse your system without other types of intervention. Just live healthy for a little while, okay?

Next Week Onwards

If the drug test is drawing close, a week or less even, then it’s time to be extra careful. Don’t just reduce your substance intake, quit it entirely. With this amount of time, you can only quit cold turkey if you want to avoid worst case scenarios. You should also maintain a diet that’s rich in fiber and remember to hydrate often.

In Three Days

Oops! Three days is really cutting it close. If you’re a light user, then our previous tip (right above this section) should work or at least increase your chances of passing. Drink twice the normal suggested intake of water. And if all else fails, you should really start considering the next tip below.

Tomorrow – Yikes!

If you don’t have the luxury of time and the drug test is due tomorrow, then forget all our other previous tips. You won’t make it. What you can do is to start browsing products (like TestClear) that can help you pass the test with flying colors. Also, start looking for the nearest place where you can buy them.

And that’s it. The rest is up to you. If your company schedules drug tests annually, you should really take note of the dates. Usually, they schedule it following a specific pattern. Knowing this will help you plan in advance.