Why the Best Game Design Schools Are Worth the Investment

According to Princeton Review, students who graduate from the top video game design schools are poised for a successful career. But which one is right for you?

Job Opportunities

The best game design schools in the world offer more than just a degree. They also provide access to cutting-edge technological instruction, a track record of students impacting commercial video games and proximity to gaming epicenters. Many of the best game design schools offer internship programs and other opportunities to gain real-world experience. These hands-on experiences allow students to develop skills while making industry connections. Students who graduate from these programs often find work at studios and companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, ESPN, Riot Games, 31st Street Studios, and more. At the graduate level, students who complete a master’s degree in game design can also expect to be well-positioned for a managerial career. These programs often include advanced courses in game programming, art and design, and 3D modeling and animation. Some programs also focus on specific areas of game development, such as UI and UX design, artificial intelligence (AI) programming, simulations, and graphics programming. Students can also consider a certificate program at a vocational school. These programs are one to two years long and can be completed online or on campus.

Industry Connections

The best game design schools offer students the opportunity to build a competitive portfolio and network with industry professionals. This is important because the field of video games is constantly changing and developing.

They offer an undergraduate program that teaches the fundamentals of computer science, art and design to prepare future developers for careers in the gaming industry. Students learn storytelling, programming and 3D animation while building a portfolio of their work to take into the job market. Besides the traditional degree programs, some of the best gaming colleges offer graduate programs.  Other top gaming colleges offer a bachelor’s program in interactive media and an associate’s degree in digital arts. It also has an extensive internship and mentorship program that provides real-world experience for its students.

Networking Opportunities

For aspiring game designers, networking is crucial to a successful career. Colleges with game design programs often offer networking events, internship opportunities, and co-op programs where students can work on projects with industry professionals. These opportunities can help students find jobs after graduation. Networking can also be done through online resources like social media groups where artists and developers can exchange ideas and discuss video game postmortems to improve their skills. There are also several professional organizations that game designers can join to meet others in the field. With so many options for pursuing a degree in game design, it’s important to research the best schools to determine which one is right for you. These top game design colleges range from small to large universities, offering various undergraduate and graduate degrees. With tuition costs continuing to rise, it’s also important to look into the financial aid packages available at each school before making an application decision.

Personal Development

The popularity of video games is still strong, so it is no surprise that colleges and universities are adding game design programs. This program is interdisciplinary so that students can focus on both the creative and technical sides of gaming. The school has impressive resources, including an 80-seat 3D theater and a green screen/motion capture studio. Other top game design programs have an interdisciplinary approach combining theory and practice. Students can also pursue a Master’s degree in Game Design at the school, which is ideal for those who want to work on more academic projects and research. This is a great way for students to build up a portfolio they can use when applying for jobs in the industry.


The reputation of a game design school is important because it can help you secure a job after graduation. These programs offer industry-leading degrees and opportunities to network with other professionals. They also provide co-op programs and internships to give you hands-on experience. This will prepare you for the reality of working in the field and navigating career challenges. Some schools focus on multiple aspects of gaming, while others specialize in a specific area. The best game design colleges have a good reputation and a strong record of placing graduates in the gaming industry. They may also have programs that are unique and innovative. This program focuses on art and technology and takes a more creative approach than other programs.  Many schools offer certificate programs in video game design for students who wish to gain a foundational education in the field. These programs typically last one to two years and may be available online or on campus. Alternatively, computer programmers, graphic designers or entrepreneurs who wish to pursue a career in game design can complete a 4-year degree program, which consists of up to 160 credits. These programs are available at universities, colleges, and several vocational schools.