Top Benefits of Robotics Systems for Palletizing

There are a number of benefits of utilizing Robotics Systems for palletizing. Approximately 1.8 million workers are impacted every year due to repetitive motions performed in industrial settings. This, amongst productivity needs, has launched a compelling need for robotics in industrial settings. Today, a key use for robotics lies in palletizing, where robots are used to load pallets and prepare them for distribution to retail outlets. Learn more about the benefits of robotics for palletizing here.

Improved Safety and Conditions for Workers

Loading pallets requires repetitive motions that cause strain on workers. It isn’t just the repetitive motions that cause the problems, it’s the heaviness of the products they are loading or unloading. One company that used new robotics systems to load sweet tea onto pallets before distribution to stores found that the palletizing robots were able to add 10 lbs of force that human laborers could not.

Minimizing Error

Computerized systems are never flawless systems, and robotics systems are no different.

Palletizing robots however do have a success rate of minimizing error in the workplace. This reduces workloads for employees and also increases production for companies. What palletizing robots can do in lieu of human workers can sometimes double production speed with fewer errors, if any at all.

Precision Order on Finished Pallets

When a human loads and unloads pallets, the level of precision can only reach a certain level. Computerized systems that do that work with accuracy and precision to the exact inch of a pallet save time and money for a company. They also help to build a company’s brand. A retail outlet may be more inclined to continue purchasing from a company that delivers pallets that are easier to unload because a robot handled that, over a pallet that is untidy and unfinished.

Precision order from palletizing robots also minimizes damage to products, which saves both the company and the customer money.

Reduction in Operating Budgets

Human error is costly, and while robotic error is costly as well, it is less costly. Every company is looking to lower the operating budget to increase profit margins. This is what robotic systems do. Robots may require a larger upfront investment. But, when factoring in the cost of one employee’s salary annually, with benefits costs, robots can cost a company less money.

Consider Palletizing Robotics Systems

Palletizing Robotics Systems can help any company in industrial or manufacturing settings. These are just a few of the many benefits of them. Contact a robotics specialist near you to see how a robotics system could help your business grow.