Why Do We Write?

Though this is a blogging site, I’m not here  to expound why do we write. No need for me explain why do we write.

Putting words on paper is so simple and yet we tend to say we have “writer’s block” as if you are really blocked out from the reality of writing! Lol! No! That’s not the way it is. You feel that you can’t write because you really don’t know what to write in the first place! The reason you can’t give your best shot in writing is you haven’t done your homework by doing some research, vocabulary, grammar and everything. You have a very wonderful subject but without the content of what you really like it has no value at all! Lol!

Everything we write are always put to test. Our emotions, our piece, even our personality and character when writing attributes to who you are really. It is the mirror of your own writing these words, composing the very essence of your obra maestra!

Are you driven to write or you just want to write for the sake of writing! Well, you will be the judge of your own work why you really like to write! You are making things for your own pleasure when you write, it is you who build your magnificent work nobody else. When we write think of it as if you are breathing, the diaphragmatic breathing way, slowly inhale, relax, cool and slowly breath out feel the warm feeling, well, you can do this exercise for many reasons when you breath you feel light and refresh. Writing is like ventilating, feeling  the emotions, experiences, adventures etc..

Whatever we write on a piece of paper or type using our pc, tablet or smart phone, it’s personal, it’s always personal and we see things differently but in one voice about something we really love, it’s who we are.

Writing is a visual reading coded messages, interpreting it is another story.

What is your coded message visually? Lol!

JWRG 2015
Photo Credit: PIXABAY