Why do we not like getting photos taken of ourselves?

Do you like getting photos taken of yourself?  Generally, I don’t.  Whenever Mom randomly points a camera at me, I throw my hands up in front of my face or turn my head or something.

Today I had a sitting for a photo for the church directory.  My original sitting was at ten-forty, but it wound up being at least a half an hour later.  They were originally supposed to have two photographers there, but one of them had been in a car accident, so couldn’t be there. ;(

In the brochure we were told that we could bring “props” so I brought my two oldest bears,  William and Theodore (L-R in the photo respectively).  William (don’t know what his original name was, I named him that) was given to my mother when she was a baby, and Theodore was given to me when I was a baby.

The photographer took three pictures, and when he was done he had me come into another room to choose the one I wanted for the directory.  Truthfully, the thing I didn’t like about any of them was that when I smile for a photo one of my eyes always closes more than the other. ;p  I guess the photographer and I chose the least worst of them as far as my eye being closed for the directory (though if I’d had my druthers I would have done it all over again, but of course there wasn’t time for that).

Eh, in any case, that’s me, and people who look at the church directory will be able to put a face with my name, and that was the point–it wasn’t like a photo shoot  for my model portfolio or something.

Do you like getting your photo taken (or do you mind getting it taken)?  I always say that I’m afraid I’ll break someone’s camera. ;p

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