When Do Cracks in Your Home’s Foundation Become Serious?

If you notice a crack in your foundation the first thing you’ll likely wonder is how serious it is. While a small crack can seem harmless enough, there are many considerations to make when trying to decide if professional repairs are needed

How Big Are The Foundation Cracks?

Smaller cracks, those that are too skinny to press a coin into, can seem like no big deal. These are often referred to as hairline cracks, and it can still be a good idea to get them fixed by a professional as they can widen over time. Larger cracks have the potential to cause greater issues than small ones and should be repaired as quickly as possible.

How Many Foundation Cracks Are There?

If you’re considering a Herndon engineer Tulsa to help fix your foundation, the next thing you may want to take note of is how much of the foundation is cracking. Multiple cracks can be an indicator of bigger problems with your foundation.

Look for cracks inside your home as well as in the foundation itself. Multiple cracks, especially around doors and windows, can be a sign that your foundation is settling, something that can turn into a serious problem down the road.

What Direction Are the Foundation Cracks In?

The worst-case scenario of foundation cracks can be that the walls in your home start to bow under the pressure. Horizontal cracks that cover long stretches of the wall or cracks that form a zig-zag pattern can be signs that this is beginning to happen. This type of problem usually needs to be addressed quickly in order to be resolved.

While nobody wants to find cracks in their foundation, it is something that can be fixed with professional help. By staying alert and checking for cracks regularly, you can catch and address problems in your foundation before they become serious.