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What do small businesses need from a virtual assistant?

Small businesses come in various shapes.  Firstly, we have a one-person band.  The intrepid entrepreneur setting out on to pursue their vision of fame and fortune or just pursuing a passion.  Then there is the small company hoping to grow from under-resourced to a corporate giant in their field.  In essence, both models will need the same services in principle but they would need some slightly different tweaks.

  1. Building a network.

Both models are likely to need some advice in the business “wilderness”.  They may need to be connected to bookkeepers, tax or business advisors event marketing professionals.  They need a trusted “go between” to guide them through.

Most VAs are very well connected in their own right. Not only will they be able to identify companies or individuals that meet your required skill set, but also know who aligns best with your values and business style.

  1. Administrative support and customer service

Small businesses are likely to need administrative support that in a large organisation would be carried by a team of people or a high paid PA in a well-dressed office.

According to Michell from virtual assistants Virtual Hand “A Virtual Assistant is a fully independent, skilled administrator that will know what processes are required, and how to ensure your back-end business operations flow smoothly, allowing you to focus on what you thrive on.”

  1. Digital Presence (and customer engagement)

In today’s Social Media world all small businesses need to develop a robust online presence.  Ideally, this should be present before the business opens with the VA offering sound advice, steering them in the right direction, and putting them on the digital map with blogs, social media posts and offers.

Many VAs are also trained and equipped to design course or product launches, and manage the e-commerce sites necessary to boost your brand and products.

  1. A ‘Can-Do’ Mindset

Other services you may never contribute to what a VA can offer, may be bookkeeping, copywriting, website building and alterations, Human Resources, bid writing…to name a very few.

In a collaborative network like no other industry, a Virtual Assistant is never short of solutions to a business need and will always “know someone who can” if they are not familiar with an aspect.

  1. A trusted ‘right-hand person’

Small business clients need to know they can trust their VA.  They need to know the VA is committed to them and their vision.    A VA must be prepared to handhold, fill in the gaps as a small business grows and manoeuvres.

As a business owner themselves, a VA will be fully familiar with the start-up, growth and shaping of a business. Many have scaled to incorporate staff or associates and also have extensive knowledge of the dynamics, human resources, financial, and legal aspects to be considered.

VAs ideally should be the sounding board for the one-person band in particular.  They should be prepared to offer advice, offer encouragement or constructive criticism.

If this all sounds a little too good to be true, we ‘challenge’ you to give us a call and chat through the aspects you can’t imagine being ‘free of’ within your business day-to-day.