Ways to be more beautiful- part 1

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Today i want to discuss something about beauty. Having a flawless skin is not only the desire of women but also the men. Both men and women need a beautiful skin. But the desire is higher in women. Today, i want to share some natural tips to keep your skin flawless and look beautiful.

1- EXFOLIATE- Its very hard to keep your skin smooth always. On one hand we keep moisturizing it and on the other hand it gets dull, full of dust. So to keep your skin lovely and beautiful try exfoliating your skin. Why you waste your moisturizer on the dead skin cells.

2- HAVE SEX- Don’t take me in a wrong way but as per studies being dirty and down helps you keep healthy and beautiful. Just 15 minutes in a day keeps your cheeks flushed and glowing, your lips red, and your skin glowing and beautiful. Studies have shown that regular romps increase blood flow and bring essential nutrients and oxygen to the skin, which flush out harmful toxins and make us appear younger.

3- DITCH ALCOHOL AND CIGARETTES- Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes doesn’t help your body or skin in anyways. It only harms you both physically and mentally. Smoking allows a staggering 4000 toxic substances into the body during every puff, and lots of alcohol causes dry skin problem and eyes become puffy. So you should quit smoking and only drink in moderation for improving the skin elasticity and reduce puffy eyes.

4- REST- I think you all have heard about the phrase ‘beauty sleep’. This phrase is famous for a reason because sleep do makes you beautiful. During sleep, our skin cells are renewed and if there is lack of sleep then your skin looks tired and worse. If you can’t manage time for a beauty sleep then try to relax and rest. Add a few drops of aromatherapy oils to your bath and try deep breathing exercise.